Suzy Bogguss and Chuck Mead

During the creative explosion that was country music in the 1990s Suzy Bogguss sold 4 million records with sparkling radio hits like “Outbound Plane”, “Someday Soon”, “Letting Go”, “Drive South”, and “Hey Cinderella”. But you can’t peg Suzy that easily… In the midst of her country popularity she took time off to make a duets album with the legendary Chet Atkins. In 2003 she made an album of modern swing music with Ray Benson of Asleep At The Wheel. An album of original music in 2007 landed her at number 4 on the jazz charts. Her folk music roots show through in her frequent appearances on public radio’s A Prairie Home Companion, in the Grammy she earned for her work on Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Foster, and in her critically acclaimed album and book project from 2011, American Folk Songbook. In 2014 she released Lucky, a collection of songs written by Merle Haggard and interpreted through Suzy’s crystal vocals from the female point of view. Her latest offering, Aces Redux, is a re-recording of her platinum selling album Aces produced by Suzy with fresh arrangements and her signature sparkling vocals. She continues to tour the world, both on her own and with fellow country radio divas Terri Clark and Pam Tills as “Chicks With Hits”. So yes, you can call her a country singer if you want, but really that’s just the beginning. “

When the wheels came off for Covid I thought I’d be slowing down… but that hasn’t happened! Last April I started doing a weekly livestream on my Facebook page called Wine Down Wednesday where I sing a few songs and answer questions. It began as a way to stay in touch with my fans and keep my chops up. Little did I know the connection would become such a comfort to me. I’ve even had a few of my closest friends like Terri Clark, Pam Tillis, Kathy Mattea, Carlene Carter and Jeff Hanna as guests. Turns out you can still harmonize six feet apart! Next week I’m celebrating one year of the show and there’s no sign of it slowing down! My husband Doug is a recording engineer and we have a small home studio. I had a fresh batch of songs, and since we couldn’t travel, it seemed like a good time to start working on some new music. At first, I was playing all the instruments. Then we brought in our multi-instrumentalist friend, Chris Scruggs. Eventually we managed to get a full band into the house with everyone masked up and recording in different rooms. To help finance the project, I started my own subscription service called Suzy’s Inner Circle. Members love getting behind the scenes video of my whole creative process. They get to hear the new songs first, and I post rare videos clips from my personal archives. I also give occasional mini-concerts, and I even do some Zoom calls! This all might seem like enough to keep me busy, but I guess not because I’m also working on a soup cookbook! It’s based around an annual party and jam I throw for my musician friends, called Suzy’s Soup Night. (I love to cook and soups are kind of my specialty.) The book will have about 50 recipes with beautiful photos of the soups, along with pictures from my parties. I’m about halfway done with the recipes and I’m looking for a publisher. I can’t wait for live shows to start up again – I need the rest!”

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