Tommy Castro and the Painkillers

“It’s almost as if Tommy Castro, with his expressive, gritty voice, beckons you to lean in close and listen because he’s got a good story to tell. And listen you will because there’s few like him who can fire up his guitar and vocals and instantly have an audience’s attention.” Rock and Blues Muse (Review:‘A Bluesman Came To Town: A Blues Odyssey’ by Tommy Castro)

“The album is a revelatory experience, one that stands as not only Tommy Castro’s most essential effort to date, but a sheer, soaring tour-de-force as well.” -Living Blues

“Castro is one of the brightest stars in the blues-soul genre. Voracious blues energy and ultimate soul power…impassioned vocals and pure inventiveness in his stellar guitar solos.” –Blues Music Magazine

“Sizzling, slow-burning, gritty blues and rock…shimmering, swampy, downright funky vibes drenched with Castro’s stinging, pure and crisp lead runs and fluid, jet-fueled solos.” –Living Blues

“Soul-baring, roadhouse-meets-church, Memphis guitar licks…gritty voice…Southern colors and rootsy textures.” –The Washington Post

“Irresistible contemporary blues-rock” with “street-level grit and soul.” – Billboard

“Castro plays gritty, string-bending blues like a runaway train…a glorious blend that rocks the soul and lifts the spirits.”
“Pure, funky, old-school soul…Castro lays stinging guitar lines around his throat-searing vocals.” -No Depression

“Tommy Castro is a soulful singer and stinging guitarist…gritty, funky, and rocking.” – Boston Globe

“Funky Southern soul, big city blues and classic rock…silvery guitar licks that simultaneously sound familiar and fresh.” – The San Francisco Chronicle

“Tommy Castro & The Painkillers showcase the power of the blues, soul and down-and-dirty rock ‘n’ roll…rousing and infectious. This is energizing, scorching, soul-shaking music….pure pleasure.” – Living Blues

2022 Blues Music Award Winner of

– B.B King Entertainer of the Year

-Album of the Year

-Band of the Year!

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